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Post play
Pasquali moves and shots

Renato Pasquali

Alternate low-post moves with shots from the high post and short corner, use a different post move each time.

Pass to coach from under the basket, cut to the low post for a return pass, make a post move and finish. Your pivot foot is the one furthest from your defender. Post moves are

1. Reverse pivot on the baseline (outside) foot to face the basket, two dribbles middle, jump hook (outside-inside stop), progressions - spin (front pivot) for a shot, or spin away then step-through up and under.
2. Reverse pivot, two dribbles toward the foul line, drop step and spin baseline, power layup.
3. Reverse pivot, two dribbles toward the foul line, drop step (fake baseline), turn back and shoot middle (option - up and under). Variation - front pivot on the outside foot towards the baseline, reverse pivot back, dribble middle.
4. Under defensive pressure, catch with the baseline foot behind, shoulder and ball fake middle, spin baseline, one dribble, power layup.

Option - use two balls with a rebounder.
(Variation - start with a shot in transition, e.g. Mikan then move, Calipari rim runs)
(To avoid a travel call on a drop-step and spin power-layup, pull the ball with one hand, don't pick it up with two hands until the drop step has been made, then spin. Other options:
- take an extra dribble
- drop step and spin, but shoot off one leg, not a power layup
- no drop step, spin on the outside foot)
Chris Oliver - t-up in the low post, shoulder to chest (if the defence fronts, go for a high-low pass [or lob pass], or skip pass to a shooter if there is weakside help on the post). Half pivot on a catch (reverse pivot on the outside foot, but not a square-up). Low-post series - dribble hook (middle), double drop (a counter, drop step and spin), fake double drop. If the defender gaps, reverse pivot and look to shoot, or play from there.
Jared Berggren - Midline finishing (YouTube) - skip off the inside foot, land
- outside-inside, jump hook
- on two (jump stop), can step thru, shot fake jump hook, reverse pivot
- inside-outside, controlled fadeaway.
(Option - sweep baseline, see Post play - Danny Manning)

After each post move, pass to coach and alternate shots from the high post and short corner.
(Variation - drive to the basket)

Switch sides.

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