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Team pop-out

Steve Nash Youth Basketball Practice Plan

Two teams, one on each side, shooters pop out from the baseline for a pass, first team to make 10 shots wins (shooters rebound and go to their passing line with the ball, passers go to the shooting line). Switch sides.
See Gooroo video - Square-up shooting (George Karl).

Angie McLeod - four-line shooting - bottom players pop out for a shot, rebound, go to opposite top line, passers basket cut and step out to bottom lines.

(Options - tight curl, soft curl to the elbow, pop to the wing, bump and fade, flash to the elbow)

Jay Triano - Turnout drill (use cones)

- shooters have to fake inside first (hands and eyes, and step) and passers have to pass fake inside, shooters come off low, inside pivot foot, catch and shoot
- against a defender who chases, come off the screen, catch, push the ball out in front (one dribble into the lane), catch up, shoot (move the cones up and out a bit)
- if a defender shoots the gap, fade, keep your butt low
- get open with an L cut, attack the top leg with your inside leg, on the catch you want it high outside, sweep and get it low as fast as you can, outside pivot foot, straight to the basket
- then L-cut and go backdoor, push off the outside foot, passer first fakes a pass.
It's not a shooting drill, it's a basketball drill.

The biggest thing is learning how to play before you get the ball.

See Shooting - Lee Rose guards, Procopio game shots, Duke downscreens, Downscreens, 5star downscreens, Bill Self perimeter (cheat step), Procopio wing (drop a jab step), 5star foul-line flash (other footwork options), 2-line make 7.

Variation - passers are on the baseline.

See Shooting - 6-spot, Pass from the corner, 5star close-outs.

Steve Nash Youth Basketball 3.0 - Pop-out shooting

One line at each elbow, shooters pop out to the wing, catch in triple threat, square up, jump shot, rebound and switch sides. Passers go to the end of the line they pass to.

Progression - jab step or ball fake, jump shot.
(Variation - stay on each side for teams)

Basketball WA - Straight-lead shooting

1 and 4 have balls in the guard spots, other players are in the corners, 2 and 3 make a straight lead for a pass, shoot, and become the next passers, 1 and 4 rebound, get the balls to 2 and 3 and go to the baseline, staying on the same side (so teams are possible).

Key teaching points

- prepare to shoot the ball early
- stay low and in stance
- catch the ball in the air
- square and turn body in the air to end up with ten toes pointing at the target
- learn to catch on the inside foot and the outside foot
- lock feet and head into shot
- shoot the ball with good rhythm and timing.

Variation - v-cut shooting, starting on the wings.

See Shooting - Pop-out, 5star cutting, Layups - Blast cuts.up

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