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Four square pivot


That's a Foul, Sept. 2002

See YouTube video - Quick stop passing drill.

Four players speed dribble to the foul circle, jump stop, forward pivot on the right foot, and pass to the next line on the right. Vary the pivot (reverse pivot on left foot), change directions and dribbling hand, use push and chest passes. Receivers catch the ball with the "ball in the air, feet in the air" technique and land with a two-foot stop. As the players pivot, have them take the ball aggressively below their knees (sweep) or over top of their head, leading with the elbow, never take the ball in front of their torso.

Options - change dribbling hand, change the passes.

coachesclipboard.ca - Under the rope - use strong-side and crossover drives, optionally shot fake first.
John Belein - Pin the tail on the donkey - four lines, one ball, a player dribbles to the middle, jump stops, pass fakes to another player, passes to different player, and follows his pass.
Bill Pangos - Dribble and pivot - 4 lines with 2 balls, dribble to the middle (a cone), pivot, pass to the line on the right and follow. Variation - 4 balls, pivot, pass back to your line and go to the end.


Variation - to practice the footwork without a ball, run to the middle, jump stop, pivot, and run to the next line.
coachesclipboard.ca - Four-corner pivot drill - players run into the middle, jump stop or stride stop, optionally high-five the player on each side, front or reverse pivot, run to the line on the right, slap the hand of the next player in line.

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