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1 starts dribbling with the left hand, makes a crossover dribble at each cone (or pylon), finishes with a shot or layup, repeat (or have another group) coming back.

- between the legs
behind the back
- spin
- add a stutter step first
- bring along (running behind the back)
- shuffle (between the legs three times at each cone, alternate the forward leg)
- in and out (one-hand front v-dribble) plus crossover, between the legs, or behind the back
- 3 reps at each cone, crossover, between the legs, or behind the back
- different move at each cone, then 3 reps.

Combination moves at each cone
- stutter, shuffle (between-between), spin
- stutter, cross, behind, behind

- cross, behind, cross
- behind, cross, between

Stan Van Gundy
- between, reverse, crossover

Augie Johnston
- cross between behind
- between cross cross
- between between cross
- between between behind.

Other triple moves
- between, behind, cross (Derrick Rose)
- behind, cross, cross (Tony Parker)
- behind, behind, spin (Ganon Baker)
- shuffle, behind (John Calipari)
- between, behind, spin
- between, cross, spin.

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