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Duke around the horn

Coach K

2 moves back and forth around the perimeter shooting 15-foot shots from 5 spots (move on a miss or make), then switches with rebounder/passer 1 after 10 makes. The shooter must call for the ball, or he won't get it. Prepare for your shot before you get the ball.


- one-dribble pull-ups
- 3-point shots.
goxavier.com - guard NBA sprint - one minute, sprint from spot to spot around the 3-point line and back (7 spots) but only when the rebounder has the ball, should get about 20 shots off. Progression - shot fake, pull-ups.
John Belein - two rebounders with two balls, the shooter goes left to right around the arc for 25 seconds, should get about 12 shots, must make 6 to be a green-light shooter.
See Shooting - Billy Donovan partner (shots on the move), Triano 7-spot workout (option g).

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