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5star transition

Scott Adubato

2 starts to run on 1's dribble, looks over his inside shoulder, shows his outside hand as a target, catches with a 1-2 stop (inside foot, outside foot), shoots. Putback any miss. Know your range as a shooter. Change sides.
- coach is the passer
- early catch, one-dribble pull-up 3-point shot.


- one-dribble blow-by pull-up (baseline)
- one-dribble blow-by to the basket
- rip thru middle (crossover), one dribble to the basket (defender takes away baseline)
- shot fake, rip middle, spin dribble to finish at the basket (a help defender shows high)
- shot fake, rip middle, hesitation dribble, finish on the other side of the rim (a help defender stays flat).

Option - a coach in the lane pushes or fouls, the attacker should lean into the defender to finish.
Billy Donovan - players sprint from 3/4-court to get a pass from coach in the jump circle, shoot with no dribble, repeat on the other side, progressions
- players can take a dribble (catch and go)
- ball fake, one-dribble pull-up right, then left.

See Shooting - Duke transition.

Option - add a defender on the other side who closes out when 2 catches the ball, play until either player scores at the basket.
See Shooting - Memphis guards.

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