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1 on 1
Zig-zag to transition

Ian MacKinnon

Minimum 8 players with 4 balls.

Attacker 1 and defender 2 zig-zag one-on-one to halfcourt, between the sideline and lane line.

2 gets one point each time he makes 1 turn with the ball.

4 and 5 start from the other end.

At halfcourt, 1 gives the ball to 2, who attacks defender 3 who is on the 3-point line, one shot only, one point for scoring. 1 sprints back to be the defender on 7.

2 will be the next defender on the arc, replacing 3, who goes to the baseline with the ball.

The rotation is attack-defend in the backcourt, attack-defend in the frontcourt.

See 1 on 1 - Spurs.

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