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Australian competition

Basketball WA
National shooting competition
a) Elbow-to-elbow (1 minute)
b) One-dribble jump shots (30)
c) 3-point shots (50)
d) 3-point shots (2 minutes)
e) Free throws (30)

a) Elbow to elbow

One minute, two balls, two rebounders/passers.

Minimum standard - 12 (makes)
Desirable standard - 16
(Variation - 3-point shots)

b) One-dribble jump shots (30)

Three positions (left wing, top, right wing), get the ball 2 metres behind the 3-point line (use markers), take 5 one-dribble jump shots going left then 5 going right from each position for a total of 30 shots.

Minimum standard - 6 (from each spot)
Desirable standard - 8
See Shooting - Thrive3 footwork (Back-pedal pull-ups), e.g. go for one minute.up

c) 3-point shots (50 shots)

Take 10 shots from the left corner, left wing, top, right wing and right corner.

There can be 2-3 shooters going at the same basket, re-take any shot that hits another shot.

Minimum standard - 22
Desirable standard - 27
See YouTube video - Become a JJ Redick shooter - 9 spots, take 10 3s from each spot in 4 minutes.
Variation - shoot for one minute, see Noah Basketball (Rapid fire).

See Shooting - 50, 2-minute, Florida 3-player, Bigelow 13 spots, Streak.up

d) 3-point shots (2 minutes)

Shooters rebound for themselves.

Minimum standard - 8
Desirable standard - 12
Taylor Allan - 60-second shooting - solo shooting, make as many 3's as you can in 60 seconds (variation - shoot 3's or 15-foot shots with regular scoring).

See Shooting - 50 makes, 5star circus, also YouTube videos - 3 shooting challenges (5-minute 3s), 4-minute drill (with rebounders).up

e) Free throws (30)

Players shoot 15 sets of 2 free throws.

Minimum standard - 20
Desirable standard - 25

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