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Vance Walberg cardinal

Vance Walberg

Two teams alternate attacks, play to 8 points with regular scoring, the losers run up and back in 10 seconds, the winners must validate their win - the player who scored the winning basket must make a foul shot, or his team doesn't get the win, and they do five push-ups.

Cardinal 21

O1 and O2 attack X1 from halfcourt, one shot only. Go to the rack.
John Calipari - 21 Skip - to start play, coach passes to O2 (or O1) who skip passes to his partner, X1 starts in the jump circle and can't leave it to steal the skip pass.
Bob Hurley - no teams, start with a two-hand cross-court pass from 1 to 2, attackers are then limited to one pass and one shot. X2 and 3 are in the short corners on the baseline.

Shooter O1 must run to touch coach's hand at halfcourt, O2 and X1 outlet the ball to the ballside corner (the ball should not hit the floor), the ball is skipped up the sideline then across to the other side for a 2-on-1 by team X against the shooter. X2 and O3 move up to halfcourt out of the corners, X1 and O2 take their places.

Attacking with the ball 2-on-1, pass if a defender is in your lane, drive if he is out of your lane.


- limit of one pass
- the shooter runs to touch the centre line.
Bob Hurley - the shooter runs to touch the centre circle and is the next defender, the other two players pass ballside to X2 or 3 in the short corners, they make an overhead pass to the attacker on the same side, crosscourt pass, 2 on 1. If you give the ball up early to a big, most of the time something bad is going to happen.

Cardinal 32

O4 and X4 flip-flop offence-defence each time. O1 and O2 are inside volleyball lines. Coach passes to O1 (or O2), X1 runs out trying to get a tip, O2 cuts for a pass from O1, then O2 and O4 attack X4 with trailing defender X1, play to a stop or score.

Option - a manager holds the second ball for coach.

X1 and O2 go off and go to halfcourt, O1 who got the pass from coach is the next defender at the top, O4 and X4 flip-flop so that X4 is now the attacker, coach passes to X2 or X3, and gets the first ball back from X1 and O2.

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