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Calipari 22

John Calipari

Continuous fullcourt 2-on-1, this builds into Texas 22, see Transition - Vance Walberg Texas.

Coach passes to attacker 2 or 3 on a dead run, they attack defender 1, and never throw a bounce pass. Whoever shoots will be the defender coming back (here 2).

Mads Olesen - 2 c-cuts from the sideline to get a pass from 3, then they attack against 1, see Transition - Calipari 11 (no coach needed).

1 outlets to 4 or inbounds on a make, 4 loops to the middle to they can pass back and forth, defender 2 can pick up fullcourt or get back, with only four players 3 gets back to the outlet spot and will come in on offence, attacking with 2 against shooter 1.

4 can go upcourt instead of looping if he can outrun 2 for a pass.

Calipari will call a foul only if a defender physically tries to stop a player from scoring.

See Transition - 2 on 1 double continuity.

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