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Izzo jump to the ball

Tom Izzo

Every day. 3 and 4 pass back and forth 4-6 times, holding the ball briefly on each catch. Defenders X1 and X2 must jump to the ball on each pass into proper on-ball and off-ball defensive positions, and call "ball" and "help". The on-ball defender is one step off the ball playing square up, not forcing one way or the other, shoulder to shoulder, feet to feet (to force left if he has no left hand, split him, but never open up your feet). Pressure the ball with one hand, mirror the ball (the ballhandler can rip the ball from side to side). The defender one pass away is one big step off the line and two steps towards the ball (a help not deny position). Defenders must move on the pass, not the catch - move then look, don't look then move. When 3 passes to 4, X1 takes two slide steps to get there. Rotate passers to defenders, defenders off.

Progression - attackers take one dribble towards the middle. The off-ball defender's feet are always parallel to the line of the ball, he takes one step towards the ball with his ballside foot, then releases as soon as the dribbler starts to pick up the ball, pushing back towards his man. Don't jump towards the ball.
John Calipari - 2-on-2 off the dribble - 3 passes to 4 who passes back, 3 drives it (whoever starts with the ball is the driver). Defenders play their man plus the ball. There's no help on a straight-line drive.

- use coaches as passers, see Philly close-outs
- skip passes - attackers are two perimeter passes apart, defenders jump from on-ball to help positions, see Hollins skip passes, Skip pass 2 on 2.

breakthroughbasketball.com - attackers are on each wing, add a ball cut after each pass, play 2 on 2 on "live".
Ray Lokar - attackers are on each wing with defenders, on each skip pass the on-ball defender drops to a help position on the split-line, the other defender closes out, repeat 2-3 times then play 1 on 1 live from the wing on a skip pass.
Ian MacKinnon - regular scoring when live plus attackers get a point for a shot off the rim on a skip pass, or a strong-hand drive into the paint.up

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