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Dribble-drive motion

Mads Olesen

Scrimmages for dribble-drive motion. Olesen always uses a "defence ball" rule in practice, defenders get possession any time they deflect a ball out of bounds. Deflections in a game lead to steals, and disrupt the offence, he wants to reinforce those hustle plays and reinforce to the offence that they must take care of the ball.

a) Direction (4 on 4)

Post players can be working at the other end. Coach has the ball in the middle of the floor and starts play by passing to any attacker (if he passes to 2 or 3, ask them to elevate first). You want a one-guard front, so on any pass one of the guards will cut, on a pass to 2 or 3, the ballside guard cuts through (or makes an X-cut), on a pass to 1 or 4, the other guard will brush cut, nail cut, corner cut, or through cut.
(Option - don't allow kickups to start.)
Mads Olesen - the kickup is among the last things he would teach.

See Offence - Dribble-drive motion basics.

b) Two stops or a turnover (5 on 5)

A Vance Walberg drill, coach has the ball on the baseline and passes to any attacker, the defence must make two straight stops or force a turnover to go on offence.

Attackers can take any shot at 0 stops, but at 1 stop it turns into a "streak" situation, only the two best players can take any shot, and any other players who made 80+ threes in a 20-minute shooting drill can take 3-point shots (in a game, Walberg calls "streak" if the other team goes on a scoring streak, his team slows it down).

Coach can call plays. Make sure players cut after passing.

Play to 8 points with 2's and 3's.

See Scrimmage - 3 times and out.up

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