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Calipari 32

John Calipari

3-on-2 shooting, two teams, play to 12 or 15 points counting 2's and 3's. See Vance Walberg Carolina 32 and Scramble.

1 passes ahead to 2, who tries to take a layup (or shoot a 3 if a shooter), if it's not there he throws it back to the passer who has to drift to the ball, outside the arc. 3 goes to the weakside block to make X1 play him, or behind the arc if a shooter. On a return pass to 1, he shoots a 3-point shot, or shot-passes to 3 or 2. 1 fills behind on a baseline drive by 2.

The most important player is the guard, if they don't get a layup it's all through him.

There is only one shot, with no offensive rebounding, the defender who rebounds a make or miss outlet passes, a guard (X3) loops to the middle then throws it up the sideline to X4, the rebounder fills in to the weakside block or behind the arc (a shooter, shown).

X3 has to tell X4 he's in the middle so that X4 takes off.

On a throw ahead to a big, he doesn't try to shoot a layup but he flattens the defence to the baseline with the dribble (shown), throws it back, and goes to the block.

If a guard rebounds and attacks with two bigs, just go, push it, wave them upcourt, throw it to the better handler.
(Variations - always outlet to the ballside receiver, or to the receiver from one sideline to emphasize attacking the basket with the strong hand)

1-2-3 get back to their team outlet spots, X2 goes off, X5 and X6 come on to defend the next attack by team O.

One shot, 4 or 5 gets the rebound and attacks with 1 and 6 (outlet to 1 looping to the middle).

The other players will go off, 2 and 3 come on.

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