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Swiss 3 on 3 converting

Sébastien Roduit

Two teams, minimum 10 players, 3 on 3, other players are in the corners, rotation is attack then defend.

Team O attacks team X, play to a stop or score.

The defender on team X who gets the ball after a stop or score then attacks with X4 and X5 against O1-O2-O3, the other defenders go off to the corners.

Again play to a stop or score, the rebounder on team O will attack with O4 and O5.


- on a made basket, the rebounder inbounds, against pressure
- the first pass can't be from the backcourt to the frontcourt
- any ball out of bounds goes to the defence.

See Transition - 3 on 3 fullcourt, 2 on 2 on 2.

Ian MacKinnon - X4 and X5 are at outlet positions on the sidelines. On a shot, the closest team O player jams a defensive rebounder, another gets back to protect the basket (defensive balance or long safety), the third player is short safety and tries to pick up the team X player who gets the first pass (e.g., an outlet pass), then the long safety takes the player opposite. In a game, rebound with 3 and a half players.

Mads Olesen - 3-on-3 transition - extra players are on the sidelines, foul-line extended, the rebounder outlets to a teammate making a c-cut to the ball, who takes one or two blow-out dribbles then looks to pass upcourt to the third attacker. A shot clock can be used (7-10 seconds). The drill can also be run as
- 1-on-1, the rebounder goes off (4 players minimum)
- 2-on-2, the rebounder stays on (6 players minimum)
- 4-on-4, post players sprint up the middle from the baselines.

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