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Pitt 4 on 4 penetration

Jamie Dixon

Defenders deny penetrating passes.

(Variations - deny or gap all attackers one pass away from the ball)

a) baseline penetration from the wing

2 and 3 are foul-line extended. The ball is reversed to 2.

Close out with weight down, hands up.

2 drives baseline (two dribbles), defenders rotate.
Ian MacKinnon - if 4 basket cuts and exchanges with 3 when 2 gets the ball, X3 has to stay and protect a baseline drive until X4 replaces him, and X3 should come up inside (ballside) of X4.

X1 has 1 and 4. 2 passes out to 1, X1 takes the ball. When the ball is reversed to 3 he will drive baseline. Go three times slowly then game speed.
Ben Jacobson - fourth defender X1 is the centre-fielder, one step below the line of a pass to next player 4 (not to 1). He takes any pass to the top of the floor, a skip pass to 3 is taken by cover-down guy X4. The guy who got beat rotates out, the man who rotated to the ball stays.

b) middle penetration from the wing

2 and 3 are in the corners, and drive middle when they get the ball. Gap defender X1 helps, X4 stunts to help X1 on the pass to 1, and X3 will stunt to help X4 on a pass to 4.

c) middle penetration from the guard position

Start the ball with 3 or 2 (not shown).1 and 4 are further apart, and will drive middle (one dribble). Here gap defender X4 helps and recovers when 1 drives.

Don't lose vision of your man, don't commit your back foot, stunt and recover.

4 will pass to 3 then drive middle on the return pass.

d) slot penetration from the guard position

1 and 4 are closer together and will drive outside (the slots). When 1 drives (one dribble), deny defender X2 stunts and recovers on the pass to 2.

2 will pass to 1 who passes to 4, who drives the slot on the other side.
See Defending - Wootten horseshoe.

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