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5star shuffle

Barry Brodzinski

With his left hand, 1 dribbles out to the foul line, side dribbles (shuffles) to the sideline, speed dribbles to halfcourt, then crosses over to his right hand, shuffles towards centre, curls in with right hand (reverse pivot on his right foot), dribbles for a shot.

On the other side, 2 dribbles out with his right hand, shuffles right, speed dribbles, crosses to his left hand, shuffles left, curls and dribbles in with his left hand for a shot.

The next players go when 1 and 2 start dribbling sideways.


- dribble to the foul line with the inside hand, crossover to the outside hand, shuffle to the sideline
- use between the legs or behind the back instead of crossovers
- spin or reverse dribble at halfcourt, shuffle towards the middle facing the basket.

See Dribbling - Chill drill, Figure 8.

(Other variations)

- pullback crossovers - dribble past the foul line with the inside hand, make a pullback crossover (or between the legs), shuffle to the sideline, speed dribble past halfcourt, make another pullback crossover
- forward crab (power) dribble up the lane line and/or the sideline, optionally add a half (fake) spin.

Steve Wojciechowski - stepback dribble - make two strong retreat dribbles, the first should create as much separation as possible, with the second dribble turn your body from vertical to horizontal for vision.
Augie Johnston - a drop-step crossover is the best crossover against pressure, shield the ball with your (non-dribble) leg, create space with 1-2 retreat dribbles, drop step, crossover, attack. With a pullback crossover the dribble foot is in front (a drag pullback).

See Dribbling - Corridor, Wojo guard box, Wojo handles.

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