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Post play

Drew Hanlen
Basketball Manitoba

30 minutes is all you need to develop a post player if they can make hook shots with both hands, seal and get good position, do a one-dribble spin-back, and a one-dribble half spin.

Post defence isn't taught, most of the time it's bump-bump-bump, if you spin and play off that you will have a big advantage.

1) Jump hooks

Touch warm-up, go around the horn, shoot a right-hand jump hook, take a step, get a pass from the rebounder, continue, rotate players.

Wide base, hand in the middle of the ball, extend your arm all the way up, snap the wrist.

Progression - left hand.

See Post play - Danny Manning warm-up, Ganon Baker form hook shots.up

2) Low post

Flash from under the basket to get one foot in the paint and one foot outside (you can lift the inside foot to clear a 3-second count). The passer and shooter change lines.

a) Mid-hook - drop step the inside foot as a pass to the inside hand is in the air, catch as the inside foot lands, shoot a left-hand jump hook (shown).

b) Base hook - catch in the drop step (both feet on the floor), front pivot on the left foot, right-hand jump hook.

c) One-dribble hop - have to be able to get to the mid-line, two ways to do it, i) step with one dribble, hop to a jump stop, jump hook, ii) one dribble and step R-L, then land R-L ( a 1-2 stop). Progression - shot fake step-thru off two feet so you don't get a travel call (don't pick up the pivot foot).

d) Spin jump hook - one dribble and step middle, drop step and spin, jump hook. Can drop step to the rim, or outside for shorter players.

e) Fake spin - one dribble and step middle, jump and land on two feet (sink your butt to the rim, feet wide), front pivot on the right foot, pick up the ball (don't pick it up early), left-hand hook shot. Better than a traditional half-spin on the right foot, jumping back gets your right foot closer to the rim.

f) Retreat dribble - against a trap, catch, start to do a move (step and dribble), retreat dribble, explode forward into a running hook. Really good move against a bigger, stronger defender, bump her, go back, get a better angle to attack downhill.

g) Spin - catch, quick spin on the baseline foot (wheel around a defender, better than a drop step).

See Post play - 5star post flash, Danny Manning, Pasquali moves and shots.

3) Grey-area finishes

The grey area is where your defender can't block shots and guard you.

5 faces the ball, 6 takes one hard dribble towards the basket and passes, 5 close steps, makes a touch finish. Front pivot on the right foot, protect the ball with the left shoulder.

Progression - catch, close step, one slide dribble (facing the baseline), finish with the left hand on the other side of the basket.

See Post play - Calipari close crab score, Ganon Baker big fella moves.

4) Bad passes

6 attacks middle from the wing, throws a bad pass to 5 on the block (hit her shoes), down and ready. 5 has to catch, gather and finish quickly with no dribble.

See Post play - Kevin McCleery.

6) Rim runs

5 rim runs, as soon as she gets past the foul line, 6 passes, making it difficult for 5 to catch the ball, leading her more than she probably should. Progressions

a) Lob pass - when you get past the foul line start breaking down, hold a seal (facing the ball, right arm bar), the passer counts to two, release on the flight of a lob pass, go get it, catch and finish (no dribbles).

b) Blow up and spin - sprint, chuck a defender with your right (ballside) arm (blow them up), spin, catch and finish.
(Progression - swim move)

See Post play - Calipari rim runs, Procopio rim runs.up

7) War rebounding

Coach throws a ball up, make or miss three players battle until someone scores and goes to the back of the line, a new player enters, keep going (coach does not shoot again). Limit of one dribble, no fouls, coach can track a ball that goes out of play and shoot again.
(Option - the first player in line shoots)

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