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3-man weave

Three players pass and weave (go behind) upcourt, the player with the ball below the foul line takes a layup, the player who did not make the last pass rebounds, the shooter keeps going, the last passer follows his pass (the shooter and passer cross and go opposite).

The same players pass and weave back, then the next group goes.

Larry Brown - two balls, start with 5 passes then 4 passes then 3 passes (players may need to jump stop and lead the shooter to the basket), nothing on the floor, up and back, cross underneath, rotate clockwise.
Herb Brown - 5, 4 and 3 passes for layups.

Larry Shyatt - 4 passes, the last is a bounce pass, use the glass, the ball never touches the ground, passers holler names, catch and pass with two hands, no pass is too hard, go up and back, one ball, make 21 layups in 2 minutes.

perfectpractice.net - to emulate game conditions, the weave should be no more than three passes (outlet, centre and headman the ball), the ball should never touch the floor, and do not pass backwards.
Mike Bader - one ball, three passes, make 10-15 in a row, optionally allow one dribble on the shot.

Other options

- players weave to touch the sideline (killer weave)
- go again on a missed layup
- the shooter takes a 12-15 foot jumper.


- each group only goes upcourt, the next group goes when the ball crosses centre going away
- have players at both ends, the next group starts from the other end when the first ball crosses centre coming back.

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