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Altizer 7-minute challenge

Damin Altizer
EGT (YouTube)

A 7-minute point-guard challenge, with a total score at the end. There are 3 cones outside the 3-point line, and two chairs near the elbows.
h) Free throws

See YouTube video - 7-minute point-guard challenge.

a) Stationary ballhandling

- pound-cross (below your knees, outside your ankles), how many in 30 seconds
- pound-between (pound, split stance, between the legs, pound and back to square stance, continue), 30 seconds.

b) W-out layups

Dribble around a cone on the left wing, inside to outside, finish on the opposite side of the rim (a reverse layup).

Dribble inside to outside around the cone at the top, outside-hand finish off the outside foot.

Repeat on the right wing (inside to outside), start over on the left wing, go for 1 minute, how many makes.

(Variation - after the right wing, dribble around the top cone with the left hand)

See Layups - Speed.up

c) Free throws

30 seconds to make two free throws (each worth 1 point).

Use the 30 seconds as a break.up

d) Chair curls

Put the ball on a chair, get your head underneath the rim (every time), sprint around the chair from outside to inside, pick up the ball and shoot.

Rebound, put the ball on the other chair, get under the rim, do the same thing.

Alternate chairs, go for 1 minute, each make counts as 2 points.

See Shooting - Eastman elbow pickups, Iowa movement without the ball, Pro Training solo (mid-range jumpers).up

e) Attack pull-ups

At an outside cone, attack to the middle with any move (crossover, between the legs, or behind the back), one dribble to separate, shoot.

Rebound, change sides, go for 1 minute, each make counts as 2.

See Shooting - Guard workout (crossover pull-ups).up

f) Catch and shoot 3s

At an outside cone, pound the ball in front (high off the floor, simulating a chest pass, don't spin, that's a bounce pass), step in, catch and shoot.

Rebound, repeat at the middle cone, the other wing, start over, go for 1 minute, each make is 3 points.up

g) Size-up 3s

Size up the defence off the dribble, outside-foot inside-foot, shot.

(Take a freeze or hesitation pull-up. Altizer dribbles with his inside hand into a freeze pull-up, here L-R footwork. The demonstrator uses an outside-inside crossover hesitation, with gallop step.)

Repeat at the other two cones, start over, go for 1 minute, each make is 3 points.

See Shooting - Guard workout (shot creator).up

h) Free throws

30 seconds to make 2 free throws, each make counts as 3 points (you are exhausted).

Variation - make as many as you can in 30 seconds, each make is 2 points.up

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