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4 on 2 close-out with help

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X2 is initially in a deny (or gap) position on 2, X3 is in a help position on 3.

When one coach passes to the other, X3 sprints to deny or gap on 3, X2 runs into the lane as a help defender.
Hoop Tactics - basic shifting - the ballside defender tries to deny for 3-5 seconds, then the ball is passed to the other coach, coaches can pass to the ballside wing, who will make a return pass.
See Defending - Splitline closeouts (Ray Lokar).

If coach passes to 3, he can drive, and the drill is 2-on-2. X3 forces baseline, X2 helps. Can continue the drill with ball reversal.

Basketball New South Wales - the drill is live when the ball has been reversed twice and gets to a wing, the two coaches step out.
Tubby Smith - it's live when either coach makes a skip pass.
coachesclipboard.ca - coaches pass the ball back and forth then shoot, defenders must block out (difficult from a denial position, try to force the offensive rebounder below the backboard).
See Rebounding - 4 on 2.
Hoop Tactics - dribble penetration - a) 3 can take one or two dribbles toward the baseline before passing out to coach, X3 jams when the ball is picked up, b) if 3 tries to drive middle, X3 forces 3 above the elbow, c) fake trap - helpside X2 shows to discourage a baseline drive then recovers when 3 picks up the dribble or turns back, d) trap - if 3 beats X3 or penetrates above the block, X2 steps out to take a charge, e) early trap - if X3 is mismatched against 3, X2 leaves on the first bounce and traps.

See Defending - Duke two-man contesting wide, 2 on 2 shell.


- attackers stay on their side, see Defending - Villanova 2 on 2 whack-out
- the weakside defender helps on baseline penetration, does not help on a drive to the middle (no middle means no middle)
- replace coaches with players, rotate passers to attackers to defenders then off.

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