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1 on 1
Pasquali corner-wing cuts

Renato Pasquali,

See Footwork - Pasquali pivoting, 1 on 1 - Dave Malowski, Shooting - Pasquali reaction.


Coaches are on the arc facing the basket (not the baseline), each attacker passes from the baseline, then the defender can go,

- if coach holds the ball in his outside hand, the attacker will sweep, crossover step and drive baseline (inside pivot foot), the defender must touch coach's inside hand (shown for 1 and X1)
- if coach holds the ball in his inside hand, the attacker will curl over top with an outside pivot foot, crossover and attack middle, the defender must chase (shown for 2 and X2).

Mike MacKay - the offensive player must read if it is the lay-up or curl, the defender must slap the coaches other hand if it is the lay-up, and chase if it is the curl, in both situations the offensive player has a brief one second advantage, and should make the basket.

Andy Sparks - if the defender is on the line to the basket be a shooter.

Marg Jones - replace coaches with defenders, who hand the ball to attackers then defend.
Nelson Isley - coach holds the ball in either hand, the attacker takes the ball and attacks, the defender touches the other hand (and may have an advantage if the ball is in the inside hand, there is no curl and chase).
See 1 on 1 - Grab and go.


coachesclipboard.ca - add more players, new defenders try to stop penetration, new attackers move to appropriate spots.

a) 2 on 2

Pasquali - X1 passes to coach, start with a crossover dribble then a curl dribble. In a 2-on-1 situation, find the open man, who must move where the ballhandler can see him.


- attacker 1 passes to coach
- Andy Sparks - coach starts with a ball, X2 and 2 can move when 1 gets the ball from coach, if X1 gets beat, he should run through to the weakside to pick up 2.

Mike Mackay - attackers must read what to do when the defence rotates to take away the one-second advantage, by passing the ball to the open player the advantage is maintained, it's important the passer exit the key to open space (too often players who penetrate stand after passing and clog the key). The pass does not have to be a fast pass, the player can come to a 1-2 stop and pivot if need be, accuracy and strength is more important when first learning than the speed of release.

Marg Jones - all players start on the baseline and can go when 1 moves, X2 and 2 must sprint to touch the inside and outside hand, respectively, of another coach facing the baseline on or above the weakside foul-line extended.

b) 3 on 3

Mike MacKay - by adding another pair the ballhandler must read who is open when the defence helps, coach controls if it is baseline or middle penetration, work on defence and offence at the same time. Use both sides of the court, to compete, allow transition, keep score, use a games approach.
Progressions (2018 NCCP Super Clinic)
- coach can pass to any attacker (or shoot)
- all passes must be outside the 3-point line.

c) 3 on 2

Mike MacKay - remove on-ball defender X2, giving the attackers a chance for success early, load the third defender back into the drill when ready.up

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