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Vance Walberg blood

Vance Walberg

Two teams alternate attacks, play to 8 points with regular scoring, the losers run up and back in 10 seconds, the winners must validate their win - the player who scored the winning basket must make a foul shot, or his team doesn't get the win, and they do five push-ups. Use two balls.

Blood 22

Players in the 1 and 4 spots, continuous two-on-two. O5 and X4 are on offence, X5 and O4 on defence.

O1 runs up fast for a bounce pass from coach then attacks looking to get to the rack zone, but stopping in the drop zone if he doesn't beat X1 (the drag zone is a turnover). O1 must attack through the centre circle, and X1 must stay in the circle until the attack. The offence gets one shot and a tip. O2 comes in after they go by.

When play is over, X1 stays on (defend-attack), O1 goes off, coach passes the other ball to X1 who attacks O2, then O2 will stay on and X1 go off. Get the first ball back to coach (can use two coaches).

Play to 8 then flip-flop attackers and defenders at each end.

FIBA Assist, issue 35 - all players except the 4's get to play out front as a guard.

Herb Welling
(Jerry Auger, guelphbasketball.com)
- can go halfcourt at each basket
- 1 drives middle to drop 3, 4 relocates for a pass
- 1 drives to drop 2, 4 cuts up to drop 3 for a pass, 1 cuts through, 4 drives [or makes a return pass to 1].

(Optionally do these as breakdown/shooting drills without defence, see Petitgoue and Walberg dribble-drive layups).

Blood 32

For each team, add a player in the 2 spot with defender. When the point guard gets to the centre circle, his defender can move back. The point guard can use only the rack or drop zone on the 2 side, but the rack, drop or drag zone on the 3 side. Play to a stop or score.

Herb Welling
- 1 drives to drop 2, 4 cuts up to drop 3, 2 backcuts for a layup
- 1 drives drop 2, 2 backcuts, is not open and keeps going, 1 passes to 4 at drop 3 and cuts through, 4 drives over top of 1's cut
- 1 drives rack 3, 4 relocates, 1 kicks to 2 moving up for an entry pass to 4
- 1 drives rack 2, dishes to 2 in the corner for a shot
- 1 drives rack 2, dumps to 4 if X4 helps across, lobs to 4 if X4 helps up.

Blood 33

Replace 2 with 3 for each team (with defender), use only the rack or drop zone on the 3 side.

Herb Welling
- 1 drives rack 2, passes to 3 moving up for a shot or post entry
- 1 drives drop 3, 4 cuts weakside, 3 backcuts for a layup
- 1 drives drop 3, 4 relocates, 3 backcuts and is not open, 4 cuts to drop 2 for a pass, 1 cuts through, 4 drives over the top.

Blood 44

4 on 4 halfcourt, both teams have players in the 2, 3 and 4 spots, use two coaches. Team O attacks first, play to a stop or score, outlet the ball.

(Attacking options)

- rack zone - layup, pass to 4, kick to ballside wing
- drag zone - skip pass to offside wing (and post entry)
- drop zone - kickup, backdoor
- pass to ballside wing, cut through, or cross-screen for 4
- dribble push the wing
- dribble hand-off (Petitgoue)
- 4 ballscreens for 1 (Bergeron).

Flip-flop offence and defence, X1 goes off, O1 stays on to defend (attack-defend), new point guard X6 gets a pass and attacks for team X.

(Optionally run blood 44 at both baskets with 16 players, or blood 44 and blood 32/33 with 14 players)


One team is on defence at both ends, go two minutes then switch. Use two coaches as passers. Halfcourt defender X1 must wait until O1 hits the edge of the centre circle before he can defend. The offence gets only one shot, but gets a point for an offensive rebound.

On a stop or score, whichever player gets the ball outlets to the coach at that end, X1 and O1 go off and are replaced by a new defender and attacker (optionally a 5 if he is a primary ballhandler), who attacks the other basket.

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