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Hubie Brown off the dribble

Hubie Brown

Always use two dribbles, and dribble with the right hand on the right and the left hand on the left.

a) from halfcourt, right side and left side

Tony Barone

- this is also a zone shooting drill, shoot over two coaches or players with their hands up, every day in practice
- shoot from the foul line with two dribbles (don't start at halfcourt).
(Pull-up variations - hesitation or inside-out move, primary-secondary moves, see Shooting - Billy Donovan solo,
Winning Hoops - players cross on the dribble (see Shooting - 5star X).
M. Gajic (FIBA) - transition shooting - dribble from the baseline to halfcourt then back for a shot, rebound, repeat from under the basket, go until X makes or minutes.

b) from each wing, dribble middle and dribble baseline (the last dribble is a small crossover towards the basket to help you square up).

Tony Barone - drive baseline for a midpoint jumper halfway between the lane and the sideline, and to the elbow with two hard dribbles to clear a pick and roll.


- two-dribble stepbacks
- one-dribble pull-ups or stepbacks.

See Shooting - 5star two spots, Hal Wissell off the dribble, Dave Smart sidescreens, Lebron James workout, Varidel workout, Dribbling - Lee Rose halfcourt.

Mario Blasone - team contest.

coachesclipboard.ca - on a pull-up, the shooter looks at the basket underneath the ball before starting to jump, and releases the ball at or near the top of the jump. The last dribble is hard and outside the frame of the body, a 1-2 stop is used to go up quickly (a jump stop is used to get separation from a defender), plant the inside foot in front quickly with a heel-to-toe action then rapidly bring the outside foot in, square to the basket, the ball is quickly taken off the floor with the dribble hand, brought to the other hand, will be in both hands just above the waist and raised to the high shooting pocket above the head (raise the ball as high as possible before releasing it). A right-handed shooter going left will take the ball diagonally across in front of the torso from left to right, then the ball is raised overhead.

Mike McNeill - for a one-dribble pull-up he teaches a 1-2 and jump stop to higher-level kids, but with the jump stop they work on step-backs/pop-backs and cover ground. With younger kids he starts with jump stop, it is much easier for them.

Jerry Kraus - the last hard dribble occurs as the basket-side foot is used to hop into a quick stop facing the basket. The footwork for shots from the pass and dribble is identical.
Mike MacKay - for a one-dribble direct-drive jump shot going right the footwork is R-L-R, for a crossover jump shot going left the footwork is R-L-R or R-L-hop to two feet.
Ian MacKinnon - a 1-2 stop is more explosive and should be used by players going on to a higher level, with a left pivot foot go R-L-R both sides, drive the right foot into the ground. A jump stop seems easier for younger players to pick up, and gives more balance going left if you are weaker going left.
Frankston Blues - use an inside pivot foot when shooting off the dribble (or the catch), use a 3-step move for an onside (direct) drive to the middle (e.g., R-L-R from the left wing), and a 2-step move for a crossover drive baseline (e.g., R-L).
Steve Alford - to go right with one dribble, the footwork for a right-hander is R-L-R, going left you want to pivot on the strong left foot, the footwork is again R-L-R, it's a very quick shot and it's the same shot.
Mike Procopio - they teach permanent pivot foot on the wing, the footwork is R-L-R for a one-dribble pull-up right, going left the footwork is R-L.
Hal Wissell - for a right-hander shooting off one dribble to his strong side, jump behind the ball to align it with the shooting-side knee, the footwork is R-L-jump stop. Going to the left, he has further to go to jump behind the ball and align it with the shooting side knee, the footwork is still R-L-jump stop, it helps if he can use a second dribble to crossover to his shooting-side knee (the footwork is the same). For a crossover pull-up going right the demonstrator in his video uses L-jump stop.
See Footwork - Ganon Baker Jump Stop series and Shooting - FIBA triple threat.

Tony Barone


- from both sides, drive baseline to the midpoint, spin drive the middle for a hook shot outside the charge line
- drive to the elbow, spin dribble, take it down for a hook shot outside the NBA lane.

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