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Facing sideways on the foul line in a low shooting position, jump off both feet, pivot 90 degrees to land with a jump stop facing the basket, shoot. Alternate sides.

FIBA coaching library - twist shot - start facing the basket, jump pivot 90 degrees to one side then immediately back and shoot. Alternate sides. Progressions
- jump 180 degrees and back
- jump 270 degrees and back
- jump 360 degrees.
Taylor Allan - drop-turn shots - facing sideways, drop the ball on the floor, jump pivot to square up, catch and shoot.
Damin Altizer - face away from the basket with hips dropped, jump 180 degrees, rise up as soon as both feet hit, shoot, jump opposite next time, make five from each of five spots (short corners, elbows, foul line).
Dennis Stanton - 11 balance shooting drills (YouTube) - face the basket, 360-degree front pivot on the left foot and shoot, then right foot, repeat with reverse pivots.
See Shooting - 5star pairs spot, Curry, Dave Love.

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