Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Tauer on the move

John Tauer

1) Sideline to elbow

a) Pairs

1 is the rebounder-passer, shooter 2 sprints from the sideline to the elbow for a pass and shot (hands ready, knees bent, inside pivot foot, squared up as the ball comes), then sprints back to the sideline, continue for one minute then switch.
- one-dribble pull-ups
- stepbacks, pullbacks, spin pull-ups.

See Shooting - J.J. Redick, Memphis sideline, 5star on the move, Dave Love (5-across).

b) Group

1 passes to 2 sprinting to the elbow, 2 shoots, rebounds, and goes to the passing line, 1 sprints to touch the far corner then comes back up the sideline.

3 passes to next shooter 4.

Go for 90-120 seconds.

See Shooting - Mike Procopio warm-up, Noah Basketball (sprint, rip-through).
Adam Filippi - corner touches - one shooter, shoot from a 45-degree angle, run to touch the opposite corner with a foot, curl up for another 45-degree shot on that side, cut to the opposite corner, repeat.

2) Elbow to elbow

Two balls, two rebounder-passers, the shooter take 20 shots.

See Shooting - Triangle elbows, Elbow to elbow, Florida 3-man 2-ball.

Progression - to work on 3-point shots, the shooter takes 5 shots at each of 5 spots, go around the world, start in one corner, then shoot from the wing, top, other wing, other corner, see Shooting - 2-minute.

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