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Plus three

Mario Blasone

Two teams, one ball per team. A team wins when it reaches three made baskets more than the other team. Losers sprint fullcourt, switch sides for the revenge match.

Option - smalls are on one team and take three-point shots, bigs are on the other team and shoot from the elbow.
See Shooting - 4-up.
Mads Olesen
a) 5-up - two teams of two players, the first team to go 5 up wins, each team calls out the score when they make a basket, e.g. "even", "1-up".
b) 7-up - multiple teams of two players, shooters rebound and pass to partner, all scores are re-set when one team gets 3 makes, that team is now going for 4 makes, other teams still going for 3, first team to 7 baskets wins. Every time a team reaches its target first, their target goes up one, other teams stay at their target. Even if one team is going for 7 a team that is going for 3 can still win if they get hot.

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