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Chill drill


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Inside-out and/or hesitation dribble up the sideline,
- reverse dribble at the centre line,
- dribble with the left hand to the near edge of the centre circle,
- two pullback dribbles, a crossover to the right hand, dribble forward,
- fake a spin dribble at the far edge of the centre circle (or do a Hardaway killer crossover, between the legs then front crossover)
- behind-the-back dribble at the sideline,
- attack the basket with a left-hand dribble,
- stutter step, dribble between the legs (or crossover), finish with a right-hand layup.

Shot options
- power layup
- pull-up bank shot
- step-back shot
- spin to the front of the rim, left-hand baby hook
- fake the hook, up and under move (step through).
Bob Hurley - dribble routine - quick dribble at mid-thigh, inside-out twice up the sideline, spin at halfcourt, crossover to left hand, two pullback dribbles at the edge of the circle, crossover, "Magic Johnson" at the far edge of the circle (get sideways, dribbling with the ball on the right hip), fake a spin, go by, behind the back at the sideline, left-to-right between the legs at the elbow, finish. Go two minutes then switch sides.


A simplified version with two groups at each basket.

1 dribbles out with his right hand, spin dribbles at halfcourt, goes behind his back from right to left hand at the centre circle, and attacks the basket for a layup or shot.


- use a hesitation dribble out to halfcourt
- add back parts of the chill drill, e.g., a pullback dribble at the centre circle.
See Shooting - 5star shuffle, Florida dribble series, Noah Basketball (transition pull-ups), 4-team pull-ups.

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