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Memphis sideline

Tony Barone

Run full speed from the sideline to the middle of the foul line for a pass, shoot.

Run to the other sideline and back for a pass and shot. Repeat for 4 shots in total.
Ian MacKinnon - go for 45 seconds then shoot two foul shots, count total makes, switch shooters. Using all baskets, go sideline-to-sideline at side baskets, to halfcourt and back at the main baskets.
coachesclipboard.ca - the shooter touches a chair on the sideline, sprints back and curls around a chair at the top of the key for an elbow shot, continue for 3 shots at each elbow.
Mike Neighbors - shoot from the near elbow (or elbow extended), 8 shots total. (Progression - wing shooting, see Shooting - Downscreens, also Borg)
Adam Filippi - sideline touches - a shooting warm-up, shoot from the middle of the paint, touch a sideline with a foot, come back for another shot, run to touch the other sideline, continue, progressively work out to the top of the key.
See Shooting - J.J. Redick, Tauer on the move, Dave Love (5-across).

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