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Angled pull-up
DJ Sackmann

See YouTube video - Angled pull-up.

An extended stepback used by Kawhi Leonard.

Lift from the corner, catch a pass with split feet (inside foot back), attack with an outside-hand dribble, push off the inside foot, open the hips, take three more steps and one dribble into a pull-up jumper.

- no extra dribble, see YouTube videos - 2 midrange moves (bump-off), 3 separation moves (bump-off), 4 ways to shoot a step-back (extended stepback)
- step out.

Also see YouTube video - 4 hesitation moves, e.g.
- stepback hesi - push off the inside foot, hesitate, push off the outside foot to attack (counter - crossover)
- step-back load-up - push off the inside foot, skip on the outside foot, land in a blow-by position (lateral bound).

See Shooting - Drop series, YouTube playlists - Extended stepback, Drop move (split catch), Lateral separation, Lateral bounds, Step-out.up

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