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6 on 6 Basquette


This is how women's basketball used to be played in states such as Iowa and Oklahoma. Each team has six players, three in their backcourt and three in their frontcourt, all players must stay in their half.

Here 1-2-3 on team O attack X1-X2-X3 on team X.

Play to a stop or score, inbound the ball after a made basket. X1-X2-X3 must get the ball across halfcourt to their teammates X4-X5-X6, who then attack the basket. 1-2-3 defend (press) in team O's frontcourt, 4-5-6 defend in the backcourt.

A limit of two dribbles may be used. In New Jersey, there were two players on offence, two on defence, and two could play at both ends of the floor.

Ian MacKinnon

- every few minutes, change defence to offence at both ends [optionally change ends to keep the same direction of play]
- limit of two dribbles, or one dribble
- on every catch, square up to face the basket or it's a turnover
- can be 4 on 4 in each half.
Brian McCormick - 16-player speedball - two teams of 8 players, two designated attackers on each team, two defenders, and four midfielders who can play from baseline to baseline. Use two balls and all six baskets, made shots at the main baskets are worth 3 points, side baskets are 1 point. Option - no dribbling.

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