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Pro Training workout #11

Pro Training (YouTube)

Dribbling, floaters, in and out.

See YouTube video - Pro Training workout #11, also Dribbling - Pro Training workout #10.

a) Stationary two-ball circuit

20 seconds each,

- low together (same time), around the world (from side to side)
- low alternating, around the world
- right hand high, left hand low
- right hand low, left hand high
- side to side (same-time front v-dribbles - windshield wipers)
- in and out (broken windshield wipers)
- front to back (same-time side v-dribbles)
- one front, one back (alternating side v-dribbles).up

2) Moving two-ball circuit

5 reps each, 2 sets. Start from the baseline, sprint forward to the foul line dribbling both balls at the same time (together sprints), dribble backwards to the baseline, repeat for 5 reps, progressions

- alternating sprints (pistons dribble)
- together slides - face middle, slide up the lane line and back (same-time dribble)
- alternating slides.
See Dribbling - Tony Watson series (2-ball lane slides).up

3) Tip drill

6 makes on each side. Start on the right side, toss the ball off the backboard with the left hand, tip it off the backboard with the right hand, left hand, then tip it in with the right hand, repeat for 6 makes, then on the left side (tossing with the right hand).
See Rebounding - Tip drill .up

4) Floater touch drill

10 makes each hand. Three cones, start on the left, hop over the first cone (land on two feet), shoot a right-hand floater, continue with the next two cones, repeat for 10 makes.

Repeat rotating clockwise (right to left) with left-hand floaters.up

5) Quick finishes

5 makes each (20 total makes). Start under the basket, toss the ball out to the foul line, follow, catch, reverse pivot on the left foot, rip right (a blast step), shoot a floater (right hand off two feet), repeat to 5 makes, progressions,

- rip to the left (reverse pivot on the right foot, left-hand floater)
- jab step left, go right (right pivot foot)
- jab step right, go left (left pivot foot).up

6) In and out to a floater

5 makes each, both sides. Start at the halfcourt sideline, ball in the outside hand, attack a cone, make an inside-out move, finish with a right-hand floater off two feet, repeat for 5 makes.

Progression - inside-out crossover (left-hand floater).

Repeat on the other side for 20 total makes.

End the workout with at least 20 made free throws.
See Shooting - Guard workout (Point-guard finishing).up

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