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DeMatha perfect slides

Mike Jones

a) Perfect slide

Start in the corner, facing the baseline, slap the floor,
- step-slide to the elbow (retreat step), slap the floor, swing-step
- slide-step to the halfcourt line, slap the floor, swing-step
- step-slide to the elbow, slap the floor, swing-step
- step-slide to the corner, slap the floor, jog the baseline, repeat coming back on the other side.

Go 70% the first time, repeat going 100%.

Get low, keep your head level (don't bounce up and down), your feet never come together, reach as far as you can, push. Arms are as wide as possible, out in the passing lanes, get deflections. Stand straight, don't bend over with your head in front of your hips.

See Defending - Fullcourt drop-step.

b) Perfect slide extended

Five players start facing the baseline, when coach pounds a ball on the floor they smack a chair in front of them (not shown - or the floor) then step-slide to halfcourt (three steps then swing-step), sprint to the hole (the basket), turn and machine-gun (pitter-patter), then go to the sidelines and hustle back when the next group goes, be ready to go again.

Progression - when coach pounds the ball for the next group, 1-2-3-4-5 close out to the top, wings, and corners (like their player has the ball), then go off.

See Defending - BNSW transition warm-up.up

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