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Hoop Tactics

Two teams of 6 players, one team at each basket with 3 balls. Here team O is shown. 4, 2 and 5 shoot from the perimeter. Each make scores one point, then the shooter rebounds, passes to a teammate, and relocates on the perimeter. On a miss the shooter must make a putback (score with the ball) before passing to a teammate, but the team gets no points.

At 7 points, a player goes to the foul line and makes 2 free throws (option - in a row) to start the next round. After the team makes 7 more perimeter shots another player goes to the line to make 2 free throws. Continue until all players have made their free throws. Which team finishes first to win?

coachesclipboard.ca - storm shooting - everyone shoots 3s, and make 2 consecutive free throws.


- no putbacks on misses
- make 3 free throws in a row
- one or more players on each team shoot 3-point shots each round (e.g. guards)
- use 4-5 balls with 6 players
- players on each team are paired up with one ball, alternate shots.

See Shooting - Alternates, Geneva Devils, 5 players 3 balls, 4-corner.

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