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Post play
Mike Procopio rim runs

Mike Procopio

One ball.


From under the basket, 4 passes out to coach and sprints to touch the ball.
Option - first hit the backboard three times with the ball.

4 sprints towards the rim for a pass from coach and finishes, 5 rebounds and goes next.

Progression - coach progressively moves backwards then forwards after passing.


After touching the ball, 4 runs towards the rim, coach passes to a passer on the wing, 4 spins at the rim, posts, catches, and makes a post move. Keep the ball high (chest) or it will get stripped. Continue, then move the passer to the other wing.

Post moves

- fake one side, jump shot over the other shoulder, go both ways
- one-dribble jump hook to the middle (up the lane), step-through counter
- one-dribble step-back middle, baseline (a counter to the jump hook)
- half pivot towards the middle (forward pivot), then reverse pivot on the same foot, attack the basket or take a one-dribble baseline pull-up jump shot or step back.
Option - use a passer on each wing, run hard to the rim, spin to the ballside block.

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