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Florida 5 on 4 scramble

Billy Donovan

5 on 4 halfcourt, then down and back 5 on 5. Team X starts with four defenders and one player under the far basket. On a defensive rebound, team X can pass upcourt to X2. On each team, 1 is floor balance on a shot unless he drives it, then another designated player must get back. One of the two bigs must get back and bump the safety out to weakside perimeter.

Team X must have constant pressure ball, stay in a diamond situation, not let team O pass the ball around the perimeter, and trap if the ball is driven baseline or middle. This is a press build-up exercise.

Kevin O'Neill - in a scramble, the closest defender takes the ball, the other three are in the paint, you don't have a man.

Tom Crean - if team O scores on the 5 on 4, they attack again.
coachesclipboard.ca - if team O scores, team X does not have to inbound.
See Transition - 5 on 4 cherry picker, Scrimmage - Huggins 5 on 4.

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