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1 on 1
Fill cuts

1-on-1 on a fill cut to a guard spot. Fill the spot closest to the ball through an elbow (read spot), combining a fill cut with a lead for the ball (v-cut), or go backdoor if overplayed.

See Layups - Blast cuts, Tactics - Teaching 4-out motion, Shooting - Huggins cutting.

a) Fill from a guard spot

1 passes to coach on the wing and basket cuts.

4 fill cuts through the elbow, reads his defender X4, decides whether to backcut or pop out, it's live on a pass, one shot only.

3 replaces 4, 1 spaces out to the weakside corner.
Progression - 4 can pass back to coach, or to 3, for a give and go.

Rotate attacker to defender, 4 is the next defender (on 3), X4 goes to the cutting line with the ball, 2 passes to coach and basket cuts.

Continue, change sides.

b) Fill from a wing

1 makes a guard-to-guard pass to coach, basket cuts and spaces out, 2 fills cuts through the elbow, X2 defends.

2 will be the next defender, on 1, and X2 go to the pass-and-cut line.

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