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1 on 1
Both ends

Ian MacKinnon

Attackers are on the sidelines at halfcourt, defenders are on the baselines. 1 attacks 4 (use the inside hand), 6 attacks 3, one shot only. An attacker who scores keeps the ball (make-it take-it) and goes to the attacking line on the other side, the defender goes to the back of the defending line and a new defender comes on. On a stop, the defender becomes an attacker, the attacker goes to the back of the defending line. A new defender always comes on.

Here 6 scores, 1 doesn't.

1 goes off, 4 goes to the other attacking line with the ball, 5 comes on to defend 2.

At the other basket, 6 keeps the ball and goes to the attacking line, 3 goes off, 8 comes on to defend 7.

Keep scores, switch directions, also attack with the outside hand.
Lee Zimmerman - two defenders at each end, start at the arc, switch defenders on a score.

- attackers start at the backcourt hash mark
- rotate attacker-defender-off.
See 1 on 1 - Ravens, Layups - Primary-secondary moves.

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