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basketballxchange (YouTube)
Great Basketball Center Workout (Part 1)
Also see YouTube videos Big-man workout, Develop go-to post moves, and a Post play playlist.

Spin passes to the low post from under the basket, make (or take) 3 of each move on one side then the other side. Progressions

1. Reverse pivot on the baseline (outside) foot (Sikma move), crossover middle, one dribble, drop step and spin baseline, power layup, outside hand.

2. Sikma and shoot.

3. Front pivot on the top foot (middle), shoot.

4. Two (crab) dribbles middle, drop step and spin baseline, power layup.

5. Front pivot baseline, shoot.

6. Baseline drop step, one dribble, power layup.

7. Two dribbles middle, shot fake, step thru, finish off one foot.

Note the travel violation in the step-4 spin, but not in step 1. Pound the last dribble and keep the ball close to the body to spin faster and protect the ball. See Post play - Pasquali moves and shots for options to avoid a travel.


Work on other post moves, options and counters, e.g.

- baseline drop step - no-dribble (shoot off one foot), catch in a drop step, or drop and hop
- middle drop step
- turnaround jump-shot - shoulder fake (shimmy), bank shot, step-thru counter
- running hook (middle)
- middle jump hook, counters - step thru (spin back), step across (step back), reverse pivot (spin back)
- drop step & spin counter - step thru (spin back)
- spin to baseline shot, fadeaway, or jump hook
- half (fake) spin - shot, hook shot, fadeaway
- half-spin counters - step thru (spin back), step across (step back)
- Sikma - sweep baseline
- baseline spin move to reverse layup (spin-back counter).
Thomas Soltau - Inside-pivot half turn (YouTube)- outside pivot foot (ball on outside shoulder), step inside with the other foot, drive middle if he doesn't move, square up (reverse pivot) and shoot if you get a reaction. Can step in, step out, step in again. Also see Shooter workout (YouTube), Shooting - Procopio wing.
Soltau - Copycat drill (YouTube) - make a move, duplicate it, repeat on the other side.

See Post play - Pitt Malone, Florida dunks, Billy Donovan workouts (chair workout), Big man X shooting, Post moves & shots, Skills checklist - Post play & rebounding.up

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