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Defending the ball, you can't get beat to the middle of the floor, and never get beat on the first dribble.

a) 1 on 1

Attacker 1 and defender X1 start on the blocks, 1 rolls a ball out opposite, follows, and can pick up the ball only when it gets behind the 3-point line, X1 touches the other block with his hand then closes out.
Hoop Tactics - 1 rolls the ball out to the top of the circle, both players break to the ball, 1 picks it up, play to a stop or score.

Rotate attacker-defender-off, first time through, X1 just closes out then 1 passes to 3, goes to the other block, X1 goes off, and 3 will roll out the ball with 1 closing out.

Progression - live 1-on-1 to a stop or score, the attacker does not have to wait for the close-out.

See 1 on 1 - Box drill, Spin-outs, Inside the 3, Kings court (ladder format).

b) 2 on 2

It's just like 1-on-1 for 1 and X1 (the same rules), attacker 2 can step out wherever he wants, X2 finds him (no restrictions).

1 and 2 are the next defenders, new attackers come on.

c) 3 on 3

Add an attacker with defender up top.up

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