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Dave Smart finishing

Sit on the non-dominant left pivot foot, ball in pocket, make a first step, primary move, and finish. Attack the basket with the goal of being a 6-foot finisher, with a release 3 feet left or right, so defenders won't know where you will release the ball.

Finishing options
- attack the rim and shoot (e.g., two-hand dunk) from a 45 degree angle on the backside, since the help defender is expecting the front of the rim
- freeze move - same move then angle pullback to create space, push off your left foot away from the basket
- split move - drive the lane, jump left off the right foot, finish with the left hand off left foot
- jump stop, step through, up and under.

Sell opposite with a hard sweep to the other leg, an up fake (C or J), or a jab step (see Footwork - Dave Smart first step).


Then add a secondary move. When going right on the primary move, a right hander should go behind the back left. When going left on the primary move, use between the legs right for the secondary move, not behind the back.

The secondary move is used when the defender jumps hard in front to cut off your primary move.

Option - limit of one dribble for a primary move, two dribbles for a primary-secondary move.

The last step is finishing off the dribble, e.g., if the primary move is freeze inside-out going right, the secondary move is freeze inside-out then behind the back.
Damin Altizer
- on the wing, crossover dribble to the inside hand (step with the inside foot), pick up a cone on the arc, finish on the other side of the rim with one dribble
- attack from the wing with the inside hand, spin to the rim.
See Shooting - Frankston step-up.up

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