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Lemanis 4 on 4 on 4

Andrej Lemanis
FIBA (YouTube)

See YouTube video - Defensive transition.

Three teams. Team O attacks team X, play to a stop or score.

Count down a shot clock if a possession is too slow, e.g. from 7 or 5 seconds.

Team O sprints back on defence, team X outlets to a coach on the sideline, who kicks the ball ahead to team 3 attacking the far basket.

Team X stays and will get out to attacking positions.

Someone needs to get back on the shot (you can't pick up the ball, no one is guarding the coach). Normally the last player back guards high weakside.

On a stop or score, team 3 sprints back on defence, team O outlets to another coach who kicks it ahead to team X on offence.
- advance pass up the sideline from one coach to the other coach, who passes to the offence
- with 4 teams, have two passers on each sideline, rotate
- only one coach, at halfcourt on a sideline or in the middle
- team O sprints to defend team 3 after a stop by team X, team X defends against team 3 after a score by team O (defenders must make a stop to go on attack).

See Transition - 4 on 4 on 4 converting, Greenvale 2 on 2.up

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