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Bruce Weber
Halfcourt defensive and offensive cut-throat. Three teams (3 on 3 or 4 on 4). Defence loses any possession if they foul.

The ball must always come back to coach, who can give it to the offence at any time (offence should be moving when coach has the ball).


- two teams
- 5 on 5.

1) Defensive cut-throat (Kills)

Win only on defence, get 3 stops in a row to win. If offence scores they go to defence, defence is out and the third team is in on offence; on a stop, defence stays, offence is out, new offence (new offence every possession).

(Variation - defence gets a point for any stop, stays until offence scores)

See Scrimmage - Spurs 4 on 4 on 4 (the third team is at halfcourt), No man's land, Fullcourt cut-throat, Defending - Woodley 3 on 3.

2) Offensive cut-throat

Win only on offence, first team to score 3-5 times.

If offence scores they stay on offence (make-it, take-it), defence is out and the third team comes in on defence; on a stop, offence is out, defence switches to offence, new defence (new defence every possession).

Here team O scores and passes to coach, who will pass back.

"Perfection" cut-throat - a defensive fundamental must be executed throughout a possession to get a stop, e.g. jump to the ball on every pass, otherwise stop the possession and defence is out.


- coach can pass only to any attacker who gets outside the 3-point line (and can then backcut if denied)

- without coach, offence takes the ball out before attacking (no checking the ball)
- score the basket for a foul on a shot
- reward offensive rebounds
- on a stop, the defence breaks upcourt 4 on 0 then comes back 4 on 4 against the team that was off.

Quin Snyder - 3 on 3, defence and offence switch on a stop (same two teams), new defence on a score.
Tony Barone - if you don't like the offence, send them off.
Brian McCormick - cut-throat three rules (or a turnover), a) on a catch, square up,
b) on a pass, cut and get your head under the basket,
c) don't hold the ball overhead. Three teams, make-it take-it, always new defence; attackers pass to coach, touch halfcourt, get a pass, play. Progression (e.g.) - have to ballscreen before a shot.
Scott Bogumil (5Star) - 5 on 5, make-it take-it, first team to 12 points, best out of three games, offence - 2-point and 3-point shots, 1 point if fouled, defence - 1 point for a deflection, defensive rebound, steal, or turnover, 2 points for taking a charge.
Hoop Tactics - shoot for possession. New defence on every possession, defence checks the ball (first checking that all teammates are in position). Re-set on a defensive foul, defence goes off with two defensive fouls. Variations
- defence must make 3 stops in a row
- 4 on 4, 5 on 5.
See Scrimmage -  3 times and out, Pistons scrimmages, 1 on 1 - At each basket.

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