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3 on 2 outlet (teams)

Minimum 10 players, shown with 12, two teams, each team has an outlet line on one sideline.

1-2-3 on team O attack X1 and X2, play to a stop or score. 4 and 5 come on the court as the ball crosses halfcourt.

Variations - 4 and 5 come on the court
- when their team shoots
- when team X gets possession on a stop or score
- touch the centre circle with one foot then get back (see Transition - 2 on 1 outlet)
- into the centre circle and wait until team X gets possession.

X1 or X2 outlet to X3, they attack against 4 and 5.

That's a Foul (Feb 2006) - team O can press in the frontcourt, 4 and 5 come on as their team shoots but must touch the centre circle with their foot.

1-2-3 leave the court and go to their outlet line, X4 and X5 come on as the ball crosses halfcourt.

On the next stop or score, 4 or 5 will outlet to 6 and attack against X4 and X5.

With only 5 players on team O, 1 would come back to be the outlet for 4 and 5.

See Calipari 32 and Vance Walberg Scramble (one shot only, with two outlet players at each end).

Ian MacKinnon - start with 2 on 1 outlet.

Progression - 3 on 3 delay (teams).

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