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Raptors closeouts

Dwane Casey

Four defenders start on the elbows and blocks, each attacker has a ball.


On "go, the four defenders come together, smack hands, close out, attackers take two dribbles toward the baseline.

For a few years the Raptors influenced the ball to the middle, now they influence baseline (no middle, no paint).

Attackers pick up the ball, fake like they are going to shoot, defenders call "shot" (and contest it), "box" (block out) and "ball" (come into the paint as if to rebound).

Jump to challenge a right-hand shooter with the left hand.

See Defending - Raptors warm-up, Fratello 4-player close-outs, also Pack-line Vegas closeouts.

b) Run off and recover

Run a shooter off the 3-point line - run by, challenge the shot (with the right hand), jump stop, come back in on the shooting-hand side, challenge with the left hand without fouling, then "shot", "box", and "ball".

Progression - attackers take one dribble (baseline) into a shooting motion.

c) X rotate

Defenders on each side "X-rotate". 3 and 4 are in the corners, defenders come together, bottom defenders X3 and X4 call "X", top defenders X2 and X1 close out on 3 and 4, X3 and X4 close out on 2 and 3. Attackers take two baseline dribbles.

A lot of plays in the NBA are mid-screen pick and rolls, two defenders should tag (bump) the roller. If the bottom defender gets engaged and can't rotate out to his check, he calls "X" (he wants to X-rotate), the top defender goes first, he can't run straight out to the corner, he has to run inside (baseline) then come out square to the ball or the ballhandler will have a straight-line drive to the basket.

Rotate players.up

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