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Post play
Bill Self

Bill Self

4 and 5 pass to coaches, get return passes, make a post move and shoot, rebound and switch lines. 6 and 7 go next.

Post players have one go-to move and a counter move, used from both sides and in both directions. They can also step off the block (e.g., a Sikma move) to shoot or attack the basket.

This is a simple set-up to work on post moves, for other set-ups see
- Big man X (solo shooting, spin a pass)
- 5star post moves (players work in pairs, use multiple baskets)
- Pitt post series, Florida off the block, V-cut shooting (pass to coach from weakside, cut for a pass)
- 5star inside shots, 5star post flash (one line of players has balls, the other line cuts for a pass)
- Double cuts (both lines of players have balls, alternate cuts from each side)
- 5star five moves (four lines of players, two balls)
- players are passers, and the next shooters (Jr. NBA - Post play)

Optionally add coaches as defenders, or players rotate, e.g. defend, attack, go off (see Pete Newell post moves, With defender), attackers can pass back out and re-post.

Don Kelbick - every pivot has a counter, a) front pivot counter is a step through [step-across is a step-through counter], b) drop step counter is an inside (reverse) pivot; c) inside pivot counter is a sweep move [crossover is a sweep move counter].

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