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Jenkins pick and roll

Jeff Jenkins

1 passes to coach, ballscreens for 2 then rolls. Coach passes to 1 for a shot, 2 takes two dribbles off the screen and shoots. Both players rebound their shots and change lines. 3 will pass to coach next and ballscreen for 4. Continue, then switch sides.


- start from different positions, e.g. screen from the ballside or weakside low post
- 2 passes to 1 and gets a pass from coach
- 1 picks and pops
- 1 slips the screen
- 2 rejects the screen
- 2 shoots (or attacks) from behind the screen
- 2 splits the screen (or an early split).
Coach Mac - add an on-ball defender, 2 reads the defender, rotate dribbler to defender, defender to screening line, screener to dribbling line.
Joe Abunassar - Side pick and roll - 2 starts higher on the wing, dribbles down.

See Shooting - Sidescreens (Matt Hackenberg), Procopio ballscreen series, Attack/defend - Mike Mackay ballscreens.

Canada Basketball Technical Manual

1 dribbles to the wing, 4 passes to coach, fakes a basket cut and ballscreens, 1 comes off shoulder-to-shoulder for a jump shot, 4 rolls and gets a pass from coach for an outside-inside power layup. 4 can see 1 and the basket (no straight-line three-in-a-row), and can front or reverse pivot to roll (in a game, front pivot if X1 goes under the screen, reverse pivot if X1 goes over the screen, bumping into 4).

Progression - add a coach who defends 4 as he screens, 4 slips the screen if coach hedges early, if 1 passes to 4 on the slip, 1 cuts for a pass from coach on the wing.

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