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Blackford 42

Tom Blackford

Each player takes 42 shots in about 12-13 minutes. There are 7 different shots, do 3 of each on the right side, repeat on the left side. Each player keeps track of his misses. Coach calls out the shots, progression (on the right-hand side).

- right-hand layup
- left-hand layup
- baseline drive, spin pullback middle
- middle drive, spin baseline
- right-hand reverse layup
- bank shot (high and soft, no dribble)
- catch on the wing, drive middle, pull-up jump shot at the elbow.
Three balls, players rotate counter-clockwise on the right,

- 2 passes to 1 for the layup and goes to the layup line
- 4 rebounds, outlets to 7 and follows
- 1 goes to the rebound line
- 7 dribbles up to the passing line.
See Layups - Two-lines, Kevin O'Neill.

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