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Woodley post

Matt Woodley

a) 4 on 4

X5 plays 3/4 in the post. 3 feeds the post and stays spaced, X3 and X1 choke it out of the post, Woodley prefers X3 to have his butt to the baseline, inside hand near the ball, once 5 dribbles it, X1 and X3 try to the get the ball out of there.

5 throws it back to 3, X3 closes out.

3 passes to 5 again then cuts middle, X3 goes with him, 1 and 2 fill behind, X1 and X2 become choke guys. Tag 3 when he cuts through the paint.

Brett Brown (FIBA YouTube)

3-out 1-in, make a wing entry, 3 dumps it into the post, makes a baseline speed cut (no help on the baseline), the post dribbles, it's live, play.

The San Antonio Spurs like single coverage in the post ("open"), don't give up 3s. Off-ball defenders have an open stance (give the illusion of a crowd), see the ball. Can go "open" to "dig", maybe to "blitz". Go on the catch with Amare Stoudemire (he's too quick to wait for a dribble), go on the dribble with Yao Ming (he's too tall to go on the catch).

5 throws it out to 1, each perimeter attacker feeds the post two times, it's live when the last guy throws it in for the second time.

(Variation - live when the first guy goes again)

See Defending - Raptors 5 on 5 post entry.

b) 5 on 5

Post trap. Trap a post who is not very good, or is very good.

From 3-out 2-in, on a pass into 5, X5 goes baseline side, other post defender X4 comes over with high hands.

X1 locks up the passer (face guards) and can't allow a pass, X3 and X2 form a tandem, one guy has basket, one is responsible for the top, and has first pass.

Woodley likes to keep the trap if 5 dribbles out.

Get the ball out, reverse and repeat on the other side.
See Defending - Pistons innings, Defence - Gap basics.up

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