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Florida dribble series

Larry Shyatt

a) 1 and 4 speed dribble out, 1 takes a jump shot from the left elbow, 4 dribbles for a layup on the right, they rebound and switch lines. The next players go when 1 and 4 get to halfcourt. Continue until all players are back where they started, each has taken two shots.

(Option - two teams, all players shoot from the elbows)

b) 1 and 4 inside-out dribble up the sidelines with squeaky feet at the first cones before going around them, then make an inside-out move at the middle cone. Shot progression is the same.
See Shooting - 5star corner.

c) 1 and 4 do inside-out crossovers at the first cones, get the ball back to their outside hand, make another inside-out crossover at the middle cone, 1 shoots a layup on the right, 4 shoots from the left elbow.

Players should take 6 shots each in 90 seconds.

Repeat the series with jump shots from the right elbow, layups on the left.

Have six players at each basket, which team finishes first, or scores the most.

Shyatt is not into individual development unless going full speed. Layups should be subject to time and/or contact. Shooting should be game speed, but not only shots that you want in a game, since other teams don't let you get those.
See Dribbling - 5star triple b (replace the middle cone with a coach who can jump to take away the primary move, add other finishing options), 5star shots off the dribble.

Kevin Sutton
Basketball Coaching Notes

Fullcourt version, crossover at each cone.
(Option - use a cone at the top of the key, see above)

Fullcourt starting at both ends (left-hand layups coming back), players must talk.
(Variation - two teams, one on the left side behind 1 and 4, one on the right side behind 2 and 3)

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