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Daily dozen

Dave Severns

Six different layups, once from each side. Start just inside the halfcourt line, maximum two dribbles.

1. Regular layup - eyes up, use the glass, no dunking.

2. Reverse layup - from the right side, jump off the left foot, shoot with the right hand, use the backboard (right-foot left-hand from the other side)..

3. Power layup - jump stop, jump off two feet, finish with the outside hand (variation - outside-inside stride stop).

4. Baby hook - dribble with the inside hand, shoot over the front of the rim, jump off the opposite foot.

5. Euro step - right/left from the right side, take the ball over the top into a right-hand layup.

6. Same-foot same-hand - from the right side, jump off the right foot, shoot with the right hand (left-foot left-hand from the other side).
(Other options - pro hop or slice, spin layup, half spin, half reverse, early layup, inside hand off outside foot, behind the back, floater, runner)

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